Conventional luggage has always been a burden to your travel experience while having a huge toll on your overall style. Since 2007 we have made it our mission to design the most sophisticated suitcases without sacrificing functionality and creating them with exceptional craftsmanship.

Award winning Design

  • Made for those who put extra care into their travel style, we are one of the first luggage brands to recieve multiple design awards. Our popular GINKGO series recieved the Red dot design award in 2014. While our best selling PISTACHIO series recieved the IF design award in 2019. 

Travel sustainably

  • As fast fashion has had a huge toll on our envrionment, being responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. ITO wants to bring sustianability to travel, by integrating Seaqual yarn into our fabrics, made from recycled ocean plastics. 

Exceptional crasftmanship

  • We only use the best parts creating the true seamless travel experience. Partnering with german brand PEROMA to create the smoothest wheels, with Japense brand YKK to use the strongest zippers and partered with HERMES sutures brand AMANN for the flawless seams.