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Mystery Accessory

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Carry on (20 Inch): (22 x 14 x 8) (2.7Kg)
Volume: 37L
Trip: 1-5 Days

Check in Medium (24 Inch): (26 x 17 x 10) (3.4Kg)
Volume: 62L
Trip: 6-14 Days

Check in Large (28 Inch): (30 x 20 x 11) (4.5 Kg)
Volume: 98L
Trip: 15 Days

Exterior Material

Exterior is constructed with 4 layers of German Covestro polycarbonate sheets providing a tuff and firm structure that can resist extreme forces and impact.

This sturdy and collision resistant structure is achieved without compromising weight. A 20-inch carryon comes in at only 2.7kg

German Covestro polycarbonate also has great resilience and flexibility, preventing any structural deformation when squeezed or smashed.

Our PISTACHIO series can support weight of up to 100KG and can be used as a temporary seat to rest on if needed.


Both compartments of the luggage utilize a fully enclosed mesh design. Making it easier for the organization of its contents and preventing them from being scattered during travel.

All interior mesh in integrated with a long-lasting antibacterial lining that can provide 99% resistance against 3 types of bacteria and 2 types of viruses. (H1N1, H3N2 flu viruses, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans) 99% bacterial/viral elimination can still be achieved after 30 times of interior wash and clean.


All ITO products come with standard ITO care offering a limited lifetime warranty, please visit the FAQs page for more details. Learn More


2019 German iF design awards

Sleek and elegant exterior design with smooth and mellow corners

Color uniformity throughout design (handle, zipper color matched with product exterior)

Stripped design not only disperses impact and compression forces, but the organized stripes give the visual illusion of being smooth when viewed at a distance. Giving this series a unique and stylish taste.

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