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Mushroom Organizer 9L

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Going to the gym or exercising after work has become the new norm for modern individuals. After a sweaty workout, many have been searching for the best way to separate your gym wear. Outside of the gym, separating dirty clothes or shoes in a suitcase has been one of the top concerns for travelers. 

In response to solving this headache, ITO introduces the MUSHROOM organizers, with the larger one designed for footwear and the smaller one made for clothes. Allowing travelers to comfortably sort their wet and dry clothes. With a matte and unintrusive design, these organizers are the perfect addition to your travel arsenal. While the ITO suitcases keep your exterior fashionable, the MUSHROOM organizers will make sure your suitcase interior is on par.


Clothe organizer (4L): (260 x 200 x 80mm) (10.2 x 7.9 x 3.1in) (0.16kg)

Fit: Total capacity of 2-3 sets of workout clothes

Shoe organizer (9L): (360 x 240 x 100mm) (14.2 x 9.4 x 3.9) (0.22kg)

Fit: Total capacity of slippers(1pair) + Running shoes (1-2pairs)

Exterior Material

The MUSHROOM organizer’s exterior is lined with a waterproof polyester layer. The soft-touch matte finish maximizes waterproof capabilities while complementing the understated and minimal design signature.

The organizer’s 3-dimensional exterior has a smooth appeal and is extremely flexible when it comes to compressibility.  


The waterproof interior is crafted with ultrathin waterproof nylon which minimizes weight to maximize storage capacity. The elastic slipper compartment can also be used to store small goods that require separation from footwear.

The 4L size can fit 2-3 sets of workout clothes, while the 9L variant can fit 1 pair of slippers + up to 2 pairs of running shoes.


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