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Suitcase cover 28

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Our translucent suitcase covers are created to flawlessly fit your ITO suitcase, allowing you to travel with full confidence. Preventing your elegant suitcase from scuffs, dirt, and scratches that may occur when checking in your luggage.

ITO suitcase covers are designed with minimal styling, ensuring there is no obstruction to the color or design of your luggage. Providing top to bottom protection without hindering style. In addition, all luggage covers are made with eco-friendly, PVC-free recyclable plastics so you can enjoy your journey with minimal impact on the environment.  


Small (20 Inch): (22 x 14 x 8) 

Medium (24 Inch): (26 x 17 x 10) 

Large (28 Inch): (30 x 20 x 11)

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