ITO care

Our products and cases not only offer an appealing aesthetic, its build quality and craftsmanship also allow it to last a lifetime. Should the product fail under normal use and care, all products come standard with limited lifetime ITO care when purchased, allowing customers to exchange the defective product for a new one with all return shipping covered by us. These defects include, wheels, all zipper components, handles, interior nylon, or cracks in the product shell.

ITO care does not apply for product defects that arise from improper use, or cases without proof of purchase.

All cosmetic damages such as scuffs or scratches that arise under use are not covered under ITO care. These damages are considered normal wear and tear and will not affect the functionality of the case itself.

To contact us for any defects related to your purchase please email us at, make sure to include your CIN (unique case identification number) and photos of the issue in your email when inquiring about a product you purchased. The CIN can be located between the two compartments on the hinge of your case.