Brand collaboration

Discover a steady stream of vitality in art culture and fashion. ITO collaborates with museums/galleries, films, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and other fields to provide travelers with travel items that originate from our daily lives, and strive to achieve the perfect balance between practicality, quality, and design.

At the same time, obtained extensive reports and content cooperation from many media platforms ranging from fashion, lifestyle to exquisite travel.


  • German Red Dot Design Award

    In 2014 ITO GINKGO series was nominated for the German Red Dot Design Award, the award description is as follows:

    “This series of products is simple yet full of creativity. Its PEBBLE combination lock provides something unique compared to the conventional locking mechanism of suitcases. This locking mechanism has become a major symbol of the brand and its product. The rotating method of opening the circular was inspired by the subconsciousness of a person’s daily life. It's our designer’s attention to detail and observations that led to the creation of our PEBBLE circular lock. In addition, the ITO Ginkgo series includes a unique set of soft and hard pads that can be placed according to the customer’s habits and travel conditions.”

  • ITO X British Museum collab

    To celebrate a successful 10 years since brand establishment, ITO collaborated with the British Museum in 2017. Featuring our PISTACHIO series suitcases, with exterior designs inspired by the pillars of ancient civilization— Egypt, Greece, China, Japan. Launching 5 limited edition colors representing the five elements of our planet :Earth, Water, Wood, Fire, and metal.

  • ITO X Jurassic world collab

    In 1993, the movie “Jurassic Park” was first released to the public eye , and it quickly became a classic childhood memory for the children of that generation. 2018 is the 25th anniversary of its 1993 release, and to celebrate ITO has collabed with the Jurassic series films to launch a limited edition line of cases. Featuring a unique twist to our popular PISTACHIO series suitcases. The collab combines a retro military style with the sleek and modern design of ITO suitcases, reshaping the retro modern aesthetic we have grown to love.

  • German iF Design Award

    In 2019 the PISTACHIO series was nominated for the German iF Design Award:

    "Sleek and elegant exterior design with smooth and
    mellow corners. Color uniformity throughout design (handle, zipper
    color matched with product exterior)

    Stripped design not only disperses impact and
    compression forces, but the organized stripes provide give the visual allusion of being smooth when viewed at a distance. Giving this series a unique and stylish taste. "