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ITO Travel Pass Gift Card

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A perfect gift for a stylish traveler for any occasion! The ITO Travel pass is a gift card that allows the recipient to choose from any product across our site, with no expiration date and easy online redemption. It is the perfect gift and a dream come true for anyone that values their travel experience and appearance.


Standard size (20 L): (17.5 x 6.9 x 13.8) (0.79 Kg)

Volume: 20L

Trip: 2-3 days

Exterior Material

Crafted using Camira Oceanic fabric, part of the SEAQUAL Initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste-free environment. This fabric is created with SEAQUAL yarn, made of recycled plastics from debris and consumer waste found in our ocean. This contemporary fabric is a recycled polyester with purpose, acting as a small step in the mission of cleaning our earth and its ocean. 

The two-tone herringbone weave also offers water resistance while providing extra protection against abrasions and stretching.


The duffle bag is built with two compartments to offer wet and dry separation of belongings. 

The interior integrates our ANTI-VIRUS antibacterial lining which effectively inhibits the adhesion and growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the fabric, especially in humid environments. The treated ANTI-VIRUS lining allows for a unique appearance, while also keepings its antibacterial and antiviral properties after several washes. The material is not only durable but safe and non-irritating to the human skin.

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